Dark Galaxies
5 min readAug 29, 2022

There is decent and turmoil in the galaxy, the miners are unhappy, the planet owners are unhappy, and the fuel distributers are unhappy. All parties have been in talks for weeks and no one is willing to back down.

The Galactic Miners Guild has had to step in and take control of the situation as best as it can. The Galactic Property Act has finally been passed and signed by all parties. Before this agreement was reached, planet owners were tangled in red tape and bureaucracy regarding the ownership of the lands on their planet, but with an agreement now being reached, every planet owner has the right to claim 10 land plots per planet. These lands can be traded, sold or monetized with other private investments.

Every piece of land has been zoned for commercial use however a peace treaty between all parties’ states that only certain types of buildings may be built on these lands.

Galactic Operation Center — 1 lot
Mining Improvement — 1 lot
Fuel Refinery — 2 lots
Space Academy — 1 lot
Space Dock — 1 lot

The blueprints for the construction of buildings are currently being prepared and checked for any safety issues and will be released over time.

The fuel refinery blueprints have already been obtained from the Guq’uk and will be ready for construction shortly. It has become apparent to our engineers while looking at these blueprints that the Guq’uk have been hiding a secret element that is used in the fuel production process — it is called Dark Plasma and is the corner stone to many production elements, including fuel production.

These fuel refineries are what produce this secret element, each refinery has the capacity of producing 1 x Dark Plasma unit per day. By combining Dark Plasma (DP) with Duterium Refined (DTF) you can produce 1 unit of fuel. Initial fuel production will require 7 x Dark Plasma (DP) + 5 DTF to produce 1 unit.

To build a Fuel Refinery a player will need to be a Galactic Miner Guild member and require a production cost of 5 DTF per refinery.

Where these talks have broken down is in the production and distribution of fuel. The fuel distributers are unhappy with being paid in DTF for fuel, the planet owners and miners refuse to pay the distributers in anything else, so a stalemate has come to pass.

As a result, all fuel sales have been stopped and the only place to purchase fuel will be in the galactic marketplace known as the Atomic Hub.

However, with the blueprints for the fuel refinery being leaked and distributed far and wide, the planet owners have vowed to defy the distributers and build their own refineries to produce, sell and use their own fuel. (edited)

The Galactic Miners Guild (GMG) has overseen this and ruled that they will allow the planet owners to produce their own fuel however in fairness to all races in the galaxy they have insisted that any fuel producer MUST be a member of the Galactic Miners Guild and as such will issue membership cards in 3 varying degrees.

The level of membership will determine the amount of fuel refineries a planet owner is licensed to own.

Bronze Member — 3 fuel refineries
Silver Member — 4 fuel refineries
Gold Member — 5 fuel refineries

Membership will be limited, initially only planet holders will be accepted as Guild members and in the first stages the membership limits will be:

Bronze Members — 300
Silver Member — 200
Gold member — 100

To obtain a membership level a player will need the following items to craft a membership card:

Bronze Member:
At least 1 planet
50 DTX
5 Common character cards

Silver Member:
At least 1 planet
100 DTX
50 DTF
10 Rare character cards

Gold Member:
At least 1 planet
150 DTX
200 DTF
10 Epic character cards

Planet owners will only require 1 membership card for all their planets as this is the owner’s licence for fuel refinery ownership so there is NO benefit to having more than 1 membership card and they will be limited to 1 per wallet.

Additional member benefits will be:

Bronze member — 2 DTX per win in PVP card battles
Silver member — 5 DTX per win in PVP card battles
Gold member — 8 DTX per win in PVP card battles

More member benefits will be detailed at a further date but will include things like early access to new tools and equipment and other perks yet to be revealed.


Tech Notes:

We needed to change the original vision of Dark Galaxies for numerous reasons. As a result, the land ownership model has changed but we believe it is a change for the better and will ensure that planet owners are now free to maximize their land rewards and be able to earn in many different ways from their lands. As a result, there will no longer be a land based attack/defense game, but there will still be a planet based attack/defense game. This is still being developed and still expected by the end of the quarter — or soon thereafter.

Initially what this change does is put the game power in the hands of the players with the production of fuel. Dark Galaxies will still continue to produce limited quantities of fuel but will only have these for sale in WAX. As a planet owner and fuel producer, it is completely in your hands to provide the galaxy with the fuel required for mining and you are free to sell and distribute that fuel any way you wish… you can list it on Atomic Hub or you can do private sales in DTF, DTX or any currency you like — it’s your fuel.

Fuel will be crafted by players using the Space Refinery. Initial fuel production will require 7 x Dark Plasma (DP) + 5 DTF to produce 1 unit.

You will notice the mention of other building types — their uses will be announced in stages as things progress, but there will be many benefits available to all players, not just planet holders.

The existing mining site will now be referred to as your Galactic Operations Center and this is where many different game management activities will take place from mining to crafting many different things.

There is a lot of information to digest in this update so please read it over a few times, this is just the start of major changes — there are more to come which will be announced in the coming weeks!

We hope that you are happy with these changes, and I am open to discuss any of this at any time, so reach out if you need to.

The launch dates for this phase are as follows:

Land Claim — September 1 12:00 UTC
Membership Cards Crafting — September 8 12:00 UTC
Refinery Crafting — September 8 12:00 UTC