Set Your Planets!

Dark Galaxies
2 min readJun 24, 2022


With the mining phase of Dark Galaxies fast approaching it is time for all planet holders to set their planet tax rates and start claiming your DTF for mining.

Head on over to and you login to see your planets. You will be presented with this screen:

From here you can interact with your planets to set their attributes. Before you can claim your planets DTF the first time, you need to set your commission rates.

You can do this either for all planets by changing the slider to the desired % between 5–20% and pressing the “Edit Commission” button or you can change each planet individually by clicking on the planet and editing the values for that planet directly.

Once you have set your planets commission rates you can then claim your DTF. Once again you can claim all your planets at once with the Claim All button or you can claim each planet individually by selecting the planet and pressing the Claim button.

DTF can be claimed once per day and will be available 24 hours after the time you first claimed. DTF will accumulate each day as you claim it however if you do not claim for a day then you will not receive that planets DTF.

Jump in now and let’s get those planets primed and ready for mining operations to begin!!