Planet Management First Phase: Mining Phase

Dark Galaxies
3 min readJun 8, 2022

There has been a shift in the cosmic fabric of the universe which has caused big problems for many races and many worlds. Unfortunately the humans of planet Earth have been affected by this imbalance in the cosmos as well.

Given the state of the market at the moment, we don’t believe an ICO is the correct move forward right now. But we don’t like delays and we want to bring you our tokens as soon as possible so with that in mind we are going to pivot a little with our DTX and DTF tokens as well as the mining section of Dark Galaxies for a short while.

Whilst we hate diverging from the path, sometimes it just becomes inevitable… We believe that by making this change, you will be able to start earning tokens much sooner and in more quantity.

Key takeaways to know:

1. There will no longer be an ICO — DTF will be mined, DTX will be air-dropped to land holders when available or can be traded on Alcor with DTF.

2. Alcor pools will consist of DTX-DTF & DTX-WAX.

3. We will have initial mining card & fuel packs for sale in the WAX equivalent of $5 on Nefty Blocks.

4. Mining Card Pack Sales will commence on Friday June 17th at 00:00 UTC. The 1st Mining Card pack will be the Mining Drones. Each pack will contain 1 x Mining Drone with the following % chances:

Mining Drone 1 — Power 2 — Cooldown 20 = 65% Chance
Mining Drone 2 — Power 5 — Cooldown 30 = 30% Chance
Mining Drone 3 — Power 9 — Cooldown 42 = 5% Chance

5. Mining operations will commence on Friday July 1st at 00:00 UTC

6. Mining Drone 1 that was crafted in the community event WILL work for mining as soon as the game is released.

7. Mining card packs will be available for purchase in DTX from our web site at certain times during community events.

8. Exclusive mining NFTs will be earnable through PVP battles for free to the top 20 players in bi-weekly competitions.

9. Planet Owners set Planet Tax rates and claim daily DTF for your planet on 23 June at 00:00 UTC

The mining operation itself will still require 3 mining tools and an optional mining manager to commence mining on a planet. Mining itself however will consume fuel, and you will need to fill up your fuel tanks when empty. Depending on how much power a tool has will determine how much fuel it consumes. Fuel card packs can be purchased from Nefty Blocks at a cost of $5 per pack (3 fuel cards per pack) and each Fuel card will fully refuel your tool.

We are still continuing with everything else in the timeline as planned and our next phase will introduce land/orbital battles. Make sure you are practicing your skills in our PVP game. Stacking tokens, tools, character cards and all other resources NOW is highly recommended. Once the next phase kicks off, beings from across the galaxy will attack to get their hands on Duterium.

The galaxies are dark for a reason, stock up on supplies and prepare for battle.