Dark Galaxies
3 min readApr 15, 2022


Planet And Mining Tool Event

Dark Galaxies is gearing up for an explosive few months ahead!

Key Takeaways

  • Planet token swap going live — Countdown on https://darkgalaxies.io/
  • Every planet is a 1/1 template
  • Planets disrupted in the order the templates were created
  • Mining Tool event
  • Up to 12,000 common NFTs being burnt forever

Planet token swap

Dark Galaxies planet tokens (TemplateID#249774) will be exchangeable in the coming days — the link will be revealed when the timer runs out on https://darkgalaxies.io

Each planet will have a mining difficulty and cooldown time — these values will start low on the outside of their faction’s galaxy and increase in value as they move inwards.

Planets will be minted in a completely random order, all planets will be mint #1.

ALL planet owners are entitled to 10 plots of land for free, as the land is not available just yet, you MUST have your planet in your wallet at the time of the land drop. If you sell or transfer your planet then you WILL NOT receive your land.

We will drop land to all planet holders at the time of land release, if you don’t have the planet then you won’t get the land.

Dark Mining Tool Event

Where: https://darkgalaxies.io/

When: TBA

Sacrifice: ANY six common NFTs

Reward: 1 Mining Drone

Total Supply: 2000 Mining Drones

Total sacrifices: Up to 12,000 common NFTs

NFT holders will be able to make a choice on how the next chapter of their Dark Galaxies journey will play out. As we gear up for the release of the Planet Management game we are allowing NFT holders to sacrifice their common NFTs for Mining Drones. This sacrifice will make them one of the first players to begin extracting the Duterium Refined token (DTF).

If sacrificing your NFTs is not your thing, sit back and watch them become rarer as beings across the galaxy make sacrifices in order to mine precious Duterium.

Tools will be sold at a later date exclusively in DTX & DTF tokens.

Mining Tool NFT

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