Musings on a Monday Night

Dark Galaxies
2 min readJun 20, 2022

#web3, #metaverse, #PlayToEarn — all the buzz words in the market right now. But they aren’t just buzz words, there is underlying technology that is powering a new way of doing things.

Bitcoin is dead!!

The mass media like to jump on the fastest band wagon just to make sure you know how bad things really are out there, after all it’s how they make money, and the big talk right now are the markets.

All the markets are feeling the pain of a world gone mad, and none more so than the crypto market… but in Bitcoin’s short lifetime of just 12 years, it has been declared dead 455 times according to the Bitcoin Obituaries (Bitcoin Obituaries — “Bitcoin is Dead” Declared 400+ Times (, and every time is has come back even stronger, reaching new highs.

What’s the point of this post, it doesn’t really have one… just my ramblings as I sit here at 11pm contemplating the next move on the chess board of life.

A couple of years ago I created a #web3 project called Dark Galaxies, and in that time we have had to shift track and pivot several times to move with the economic tide, but that’s what the #web3 business is — it’s fast paced and constantly moving forward, in this business you need to be ready to react fast and change tact at any moment to meet the community needs and expectations.

Dark Galaxies is about to release the next big phase of the project, planet mining on 1 July. In preparation for this we released our first mining tools pack last week and what the results of that have shown us is that it doesn’t matter what the state of the market is, players want to play, communities want projects to thrive and people want to find new ways of getting just a little more ahead each day.

It’s the dedication and hard work from our team and our advisors that keep Dark Galaxies moving forward at warp 10, and we are proud to do so to be able to give something back and try and bring just a little more joy to our community.

If you want to join in on the fun of Dark Galaxies like so many others then head on over to our mining drone pack sales and grab a mining drone or 2: Drops — NeftyBlocks | The #1 Trade to Earn NFT Marketplace on WAX

Well that’s enough from me for tonight. Another cold winters day here tomorrow, the rain has just started hitting the window again but the world keeps turning… See you all out in the Dark Galaxies!