How to Mine

Dark Galaxies
4 min readJun 30, 2022

Before you can mine you need to set your mining account in the system. This is done easily by setting your Nickname from the Mining screen. Simply click Set Nick Name and give yourself a name.

Once you have created your mining account you then need to have a mining deck to mine with.

To create a Mining Deck head over to and select Mining from the menu, this will take you to the Mining screen showing your DTX balance, DTF balance, number of Fuel NFT’s, total wax balance, and your created decks.

To create a new deck, click the “Click to create Deck” button, this will take you to the tool selection screen.

From here you can select up to 3 mining tools plus your additional mining manager (3D card) if you have one available.

Once you have selected your cards, then click “Build Deck” to create your mining deck. Note that when you build a deck, your assets are transferred to the Dark Galaxies mining contract and will not appear in your wallet.

After you have created your mining deck it will show in the “Your Decks” section showing the deck Status, Planet it is assigned to, Planet Commission Rate , Total Power and Total Cooldown.

From here you can either Select a planet for this deck to mine if one hasn’t been selected yet, Start Mining or you can click on the deck to edit it.

If you select to Edit your deck, this will take you to the deck maintenance screen which will show the following:

This screen shows you the tools and manager you have in this deck. Above each tool you have the fuel and fuel remaining values and a button to Recharge All tools using a Fuel card if you have 1 available in your wallet.

From here you can also Select a planet to mine on by selecting the Travel button, Disassemble a Deck or Recharge any tools that are out of fuel.

Disassembling a deck will return the cards back your wallet and will have a cost of 1DTF.

Moving your deck to a different planet will also cost 1 DTF.

The next step with a new mining rig is to select a planet to mine on

Simply click the Select Planet button and choose from the 1000’s of planet available to mine.

Or if you want to search for a specific planet more suitable for your mining needs, you can go to the explore page on the top menu of website, select one of the galaxies ruled by one of our 6 available races, and use the many filters at your disposal to pick your perfect mining spot!

To save that planet for future expeditions, all you need to do is click on the star on the top-right corner of that planet, this will mark it as a favorite and it will show first when selecting a planet for your decks, after your own planets if you have any.

When you select a planet to mine on, you will be asked to select a mining slot for this rig, this will show you if this planet has any free mining slots available.

Once you have selected a planet and mining slot for this deck to mine on it’s status will change to “Ready for Mining” and display a “Start Mining” button. If you have more than 1 rig then you can select Mine All Planets to start them all at once or click Start Mining to just start an individual rig.

After you have started mining you will see the time remaining until you can mine with this rig again, disassemble it or move it to a new planet.

Once the cooldown time for your mining operation on a planet is complete, you may mine again.