Almost to Alpha!

Dark Galaxies
2 min readDec 9, 2021

We have been hard at work since the card presales just a few months back. Our promise was to deliver the first alpha by Christmas 2021 and we are on track to do just that.

Today we released an alpha candidate to our Discord moderators to get in and start testing. So far this version is holding up well, a couple of immediate bugs which we have now squashed and will release another alpha candidate tomorrow.

It has been a long journey on this road to bring Dark Galaxies to light. It started with an idea almost 2 years ago and to see how far and how hard the team have worked to get to this point amazes me.

There were so many complex problems to solve but the team took the bull by the horns and showed it who’s boss!

This is just the beginning for Dark Galaxies in the Play-To-Earn arena, the white paper is in the process of being re-written and the additional gameplay ideas we have come up with there are going to stand out from anything else on the market and really make Dark Galaxies a rich and rewarding ecosystems for all it’s players.

It doesn’t matter if your a player, collector, investor or flipper — Dark Galaxies has you covered.

So come with us on this journey which has only just begun — head on over to and come and see what all the fuss is about.

Dean Harry
Dark Galaxies